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TikMania How it Works
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Swapsocials How it Works
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Swapsocials How it Works
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Account delivery

Swapsocials How it Works
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1. Agreement
Buyer and TikMania agree to a transaction, which contains the price and transaction terms.

2. Buyer sends payment
The buyer will send the funds to TikMania. TikMania accepts payments via PayPal, Wire, a bank wire & Bitcoin.

3. Buyer receives account credentials
Once the buyer’s payment is received by TikMania, the buyer receives the TikTok account credentials. The buyer will change passwords & secure the account. The transaction took successfully place, the buyer is 100% owner of the TikTok account.

4. Client support
The buyer will always be able to contact TikMania for questions, advice & more. We want to keep our customer satisfaction high.

Do you have any questions? Go to our FAQ or contact us.

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